How to Sleep on Your Period to Help Avoid Pain and Leakage

How to Sleep on Your Period to Help Avoid Pain and Leakage

Posted by Wombilee on Apr 9th 2024

Hormones can be hard to deal with; however, sleeping on your period is no less of a challenge. With period pain, mood swings, irritability, and constant bleeding, anxiousness due to lack of sleep can worsen everything.

Imagine sleeping peacefully one night, and suddenly, your body gets super uncomfortable because you feel some liquid dripping from between your thighs. Whether you're regular or have an irregular cycle, bleeding at night can be highly irritating and uncomfortable for any woman.

However, just because you have periods doesn't mean you have to sacrifice your sleep. Sleeping with abdominal cramps and a fear of blood leakage can make it difficult for you to sleep peacefully during periods.

Using a high-protection pad, menstrual cup, or tampon can make it much less complicated to sleep on your periods. Have you tried Wombilee's pads?

Why does sleep get disturbed?

Periods can be grueling for women, especially when they constantly fear leakage. Pain, cramps, bleeding, and hormonal imbalance can make sleeping challenging for girls during periods.

• Mood Swings

Getting irritated or emotional over little things is common before and during the menstrual cycle. Mood swings disrupt the hormones, resulting in a disturbance of the sleep cycle. One might feel hungry, tired, angry, or sad and stay up at night long during the day.

• Body Temperature

A rise in body temperature (at least half a degree Fahrenheit) during sleep is common, resulting in restlessness and sleep deprivation.

• Cramps & Contractions

Pain and body aches in the abdomen and back might be bearable for some women but are excruciating for most. Proper body functioning is inhibited due to cramps, which can result in sleeplessness.

• Poor Choice of Sanitary Products

Choosing a poor sanitary product for blood absorption can disrupt peaceful sleep. An itchy pad, bad-absorbency, or leaking pad can disturb your sleep. Also, according to a few pieces of research, leakage during sleep can cause trauma, resulting in insomnia.

What causes heavy leakage during periods?

Heavy leakage during menstruation is a typical problem with many females, and it's nothing to worry about!

Heavy blood flow or clotting may happen because of special food intakes, such as dairy, chocolate, and honey, or because of estrogen and progesterone hormone levels.

There are several ways to deal with pain and leakage during your periods, some of which are as follows.

• Changing your sleeping position

Sleeping straight on your back might disrupt your sleep as it may feel like blood is flowing down your legs. A few specific sleeping positions can help lessen the pain and help with blood leakage.

A fetal position, like a baby lying in the mother's belly, is best during periods. It reduces tension in muscles and minimizes cramps. Squeezing legs together helps in protection against leakage also. Sleeping on your side and closing the legs helps in relaxing the body. The support of pillows or cushions behind your back or between your legs helps warm the body and sleep comfortably.

• Eating Light Foods

The hormonal imbalance increases the junk cravings during menstruation. However, these sugary and fatty foods can result in abdomen bloating and digestive distress during nighttime. Munching on healthy snacks, such as fruits and warm fluids, can help regulate pain and blood flow during menstruation.

• Warm water bottle or Heat

Heat therapy is a tried and tested method to relax the uterus muscles during periods. You can use a hot water bottle, heating pad, or heating towel to relieve pain and reduce the blood clots, resulting in a regular flow.

• Herbal Teas and Drinks

Herbal drinks and natural products can help you relax during periods. Ginger tea, chamomile tea, and warm saffron milk are a few options that help with menstrual contractions and cramps.

• Light Exercises

A light exercise, such as yoga or walking, helps with contractions, pain, and blood flow and helps tire your body so you fall asleep early. Workout also boosts mood and decreases emotional instability by releasing endorphins.

• Using Wombilee

The most effective method to sleep peacefully during periods is super absorbent pads such as Wombilee pads. Notable features of Wombilee pads are that they're organic, cotton-made pads with super absorbent 7-layers of protection. Our 3-D leak guard and wings give you overnight protection against leakage. It also keeps you comfortable as it's perforated and breathable, and also flexible as it moves with your body, helping you to sleep without any worries.

How are Wombilee pads different?

Wombilee pads are not an ordinary menstrual product, like those made of integrated chemicals or fragrances. Materials used in most pads are not preferred for the care and comfort of women. The majority of other companies use what is preferred in the market to make the most profit rather than what is safe for the users. But being a women-owned company, Wombilee focuses on the material and the manufacturing of products that are best and safest for wombs and their hygiene.

Being a lightweight, flexible, breathable, and comfortable product, Wombilee helps different groups of women experiencing different kinds of menstrual problems. We manufacture a daily liner and two different sanitary pads for different flow rates.

1. Daily Liners

Wombilee's daily liners help in absorbing vaginal discharge. It also helps when your periods end, or you are going through menopause. Our daily liners are made of organic cotton with no toxins or chlorine and a graphene strip that helps balance your pH.

2. Moderate Pad

Seven days of blood and cramps? Wombilee has got you covered. Our moderate pads include seven layers of protection to help absorb 150mL of your flow, including the graphene strip that helps balance your pH.

3. Heavy Pad

Blood clots, stains, and heavy leakage can disturb you at work or sleep. Wombilee's heavy pad absorbs up to 200ml, covering you from front to back with seven layers of protection, ending that foul odor that other pads may create due to period blood.

End Note

Periods aren't exactly a walk in the park, but it's what makes a woman feminine. It's a sign of bravery and strength of women. Cramps, heavy flow, and irritability can sometimes affect the body's normal functioning during menstruation. Not all problems can be solved, but with Wombilee, you at least won't have to worry about blood leakage or rashes!