Wombilee Graphene Menstrual Pads

Mission: Bringing the importance of a healthy, cared-for womb to the forefront while empowering women to acknowledge menstruation as a strength, understanding the honor within, "It all begins with you..."

Wombilee, the natural menstrual pad company, was founded in Dallas, Texas, USA, by entrepreneurs C.Nichole and Raffinaé LaJuan. The founders want to see women worldwide feel more empowered in the sense of knowing that there would be no births without their wombs. With Wombilee, C.Nichole and Raffinaé LaJuan want women to not look at their period as something to be ashamed of, a curse, inconvenience, or a problem. Women must take their health into their own hands, and it's only recently that menstrual pads are being made with cotton and fewer chemicals, toxins, and dyes. Wombilee is 100% women-owned, so the public knows that the founders behind the company understand womanhood, and they too have menstrual cycles. Both founders of Wombilee are of African descent and understand the history of the lack of care given to bodies regarding women of color, and they want to help change that. From 7 layers of protection to the Graphene strip that helps keep one's pH balanced while inhibiting bacteria, it's time to heal our wombs. Wombilee officially launched on March 13, 2022.

As Wombilee grows, future goals include diving deeper into other hygienic projects by partnering with other businesses to financially make it happen. While supporting women through our Giveback Initiative, Wombilee would like to build toilet facilities in small villages and rural areas that do not have access to such.