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End Period Poverty - The Initiative - Wombilee

With the founders of Wombilee both being founders of non-profits, it was agreed upon that there would be a Giveback program. When you purchase Wombilee's products, you're assisting in ending period poverty by helping a womb in need. These women need to know that they are cared for, so Wombilee distributes hypoallergenic, organic cotton, perforated Biodegradable Moderate pads. Knowing that some rural villages and small towns may not have the best waste management system, everything from the menstrual pads to the box is biodegradable. Wombilee also highlights English, Spanish, and Kiswahili as the written languages on the Giveback Biodegradable box.

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C.Nichole is the founder of Pan African Think Tank. During her non-profit trips within Africa and Latin America, she learned about the significant number of females who miss their studies simply because they don't have or can't afford menstrual products. She started reaching out to menstrual pad companies but soon realized that they either weren't responding or weren't willing to sell bulks of pads at wholesale prices. That's when C.Nichole came up with the idea of taking things into her own hands and starting a menstrual pad company.

Raffinaé LaJuan is the founder of Moms for Medals. During her outreach with teenage mothers, mentoring girls, and health and wellness sessions with women, she realized that women needed a better alternative than what was out there. As a 2024 Olympian hopeful, she knew she needed something better to move with her body and keep her dry and feeling clean during her Steeplechase track practices.