The Founders

Wombilee Founders Raffinaé LaJuan and C.Nichole

Raffinaé LaJuan - A proud mother of two amazing young men. After a decade-plus of experience working in corporate America as a recruiting consultant and then Chief Diversity Officer in the healthcare industry, she took a leap of faith to become an entrepreneur. Raffinaé is the CEO of the food marketing company, Inspire Brand Management, with clients on three continents. She is also the Founder of Moms for Medals, a non-profit organization that focuses on creating new successful generational statistics in teen mothers and young women. Raffinaé believes that “This life is not your own. Life is a gift, and we are put here for a greater purpose than just to exist in everyday life.”


C.Nichole - A businesswoman, singer-songwriter, non-profit founder, author, boutique owner, and Pan Africanist. Having never worked a nine-to-five, C.Nichole started as a freelancer in TV/Film production before switching industries and starting her own marketing company, emphasizing experiential marketing. Her experiences of visiting 100+ countries before 30 years of age led her to advocate for Pan Africanism through music, education, and entrepreneurship. C.Nichole teaches history through her music, authored books for both adults and children, and is the Founder of Pan African Think Tank, a non-profit pushing for collective work and responsibility and cooperative economics. Her mantra is, “Know your worth. Respect yourself. Keep the faith. Sustain your peace.”