Graphene Heavy Pad (Heavy Periods)

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The Graphene Heavy Pads include 7-layer protection suitable for heavy/super flow menstural cycles, holding up to 200 milliliters (6.76 ounces) of fluid, keeping you protected even overnight.


12 count. 11.4 inches (29 cm) in length. Organic cotton surface with wings. No chlorine, dyes, fragrance, pesticides. Perforated top and back layer for breathability, keeping you dry and odorless. 3-Dimensional layer leak guards for extra protection.

Graphene Benefits

Destroys the bacterial cell membrane and inhibiting bacteria.
Helps with circulatory health, metabolic health, and cell activity, helping to balance the body's pH.
Anti-static and conductive which helps in transferring heat to prevent skin itching.


GOTS certified Organic Cotton
Airlaid Paper
Super Absorbent Polymer
Non-Toxic Polyethylene
Non-Toxic Adhesive

Care Instructions

Store in a cool, dry place. Pads expire 3 years after their manufacture date. Do not flush pads. Recycle wrapper and packaging.

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