Travel Tips While On Your Period

Travel Tips While On Your Period

Is it safe to travel during periods? That's the question that arises whenever we plan a trip or vacation. Trust us! It's okay and safe. Plans can't be altered or canceled permanently because of menstrual inconvenience, as they are hard to reschedule. However, a proper preparative mindset makes vacations fun and much easier to enjoy.

A traveling experience is different for men and women. Women are more high maintenance and require many more things to pack while planning a trip. Carrying proper hygiene, such as pads, wet wipes, underwear, and clothes, makes every travel trip easier. A road trip to your dream destination, destination weddings, or hangouts for social events, none would be a problem when you're using Wombilee!

Essentials to pack while traveling during periods!

Keep it minimal, but make a complete bag/pouch for periods-struck travel plans. A comfort pack for women must include the following:

Wombilee Sanitary Pads

Period Underwear

• Vitamins & Medications

• Heating Pad or Warm Water Bottle

• Chocolate or Sugary Stuff

Traveling while on your period is difficult. You may feel irritated by your surroundings because of the hormonal rush. Fatigue, nausea, and cramps are expected during the first few days of your period. You may also crave some particular foods. Being emotional over little things and getting sad are all part of hormonal imbalances. However, leakage and uncomfortable wearables could make the entire experience even more exhausting.

How do different types of traveling affect your periods?

A road trip or an air trip both have specific pros and cons. While traveling, the human body experiences different states of mind, such as excitement, stress, insomnia, an imbalanced diet, and physical challenges. All these factors may result in hormone changes, causing a delay in periods or some other symptoms. It can affect hormonal balance, which can lead to irregular periods.

Air Trip Effects

Different time zones, climatic conditions, and fatigue can affect your hormonal cycle. Jet lag, staying awake outside your routine, alertness, and digestive issues are all the result of air travel. But your periods won't wait for your flight to end, would they?

Positive Effects

• Your period flow gets lighter when you're traveling by airplane. As you go up in the sky, the high altitude makes the period flow less quickly.

• Fellow female passengers and staff are usually happy to help, so there is no need to panic or feel ashamed.

Airlines do offer sanitary pads and napkins for use during emergencies.

Negative Effects

• Stress and fatigue can affect the hormones, sometimes resulting in abdominal cramps.

Jet lag can mess up your menstrual routine, cycle, and bodily functions.

Changes in the time zone and climatic conditions impact the internal body clock.

Upon landing, heavier flow can occur, causing mood swings, irritation, and cramps.

Road Trip Effects

Already planned a road trip with your girl gang? No need to cancel out the fun part just because your periods are early this month!

It's not the journey or traveling that affects it. Instead, stress, irritation, mood swings, non-preparedness, and environmental change make your menstrual cycle hard during traveling.

Positive Effects

• A road trip is fun and exciting and allows you to make memories with your clan.

• You have access to sanitary napkins at several gas station stores.

• Public washrooms are also available in case of emergency.

• You can grab some food, medicines, or other essentials if needed.

Negative Effects

• A long road trip can be uncomfortable and irritating during bleeding.

• It can be tiring, causing restlessness.

• Travel-induced stress can also cause hormonal imbalance and problems with vaginal pH.

• Disposal of pads or tampons can be a problem.

What kind of sanitary pads help out during traveling?

There's only one factor to consider when shopping for sanitary products for traveling. Pads/hygienic products that are trustworthy! Comfortable and healthy pads are the pads you should keep in your bag when traveling. Not all sanitary products are hygiene friendly as they contain chlorine, dyes, and artificial fragrances that are dangerous for feminine vaginal health. To avoid any risk, the selection of sanitary napkins should be safe and careful. We suggest you try Wombilee.

What makes Wombilee travel-friendly?

Not all menstrual pads have multiple features, but Wombilee offers comfort with safety at affordable rates.

• Seven layers of protection

• Ultra-thin and flexible

• No chlorine preservatives

• No artificial dyes

• No unnatural fragrances

• Breathable, perforated

• Lightweight

• Highly absorbent

• Graphene strip for pH balance

How does Wombilee keep your pH balanced?

Several everyday disruptors can cause changes in the vaginal environment, bacterial flora, and the pH of the vagina. These factors include:

• Blood and leakage

• Sexual activity

• Antibiotics usage

• Synthetic and scented products usage

Products with chemicals and artificial fragrances can wreak havoc on the vaginal pH. Also, foods with high sugar and fatty acids can trigger poor vaginal hygiene and pH imbalance.

Role of Wombilee pads in vaginal health

The essential component used in Wombilee pads is the graphene strip, which balances the vagina's pH. Graphene also helps with circulatory health and metabolic health. An imbalance in pH can cause itching, burning, and other infections. However, Wombilee is made of soft organic cotton, itch-free and breathable.

A biodegradable sanitary pad?

Regular plastics are non-biodegradable, which is hard on nature and sustainability. In this era of recycling, all materials, including sanitary products, should have a biodegradable product option to maintain the global natural and environmental balance.

Leaving your used pads during traveling in beautiful sceneries might make you question your human sensitivity to the environment. Suppose you are going on ATV rides or camelry in the desert; no need to panic about the disposal of used pads. Wombilee manufactures a 100% biodegradable pad option, serving the environment without causing discomfort.

Special features of biodegradable pads

• Degradable materials made from cornstarch

• Organic cotton

• Hypoallergenic

• Chlorine-free

• Fragrance-free

• Biodegradable packaging


Having periods doesn't mean suffering from pain, irritation, and uncomfortably. A lovely selection of sanitary napkins such as Wombilee saves you from a lot of trouble. These super-layered Wombilee graphene pads with high leakage absorbing capacity, breathable wings for better coverage, and nonirritating material protect you from rashes and guarantee comfort and relief.

In case of the nonavailability of a waste bin, you can place the Wombilee biodegradable used napkins within the earth, and they'll be gone naturally, as this product does degradable.

Avoid traveling to unknown places with pads you know very little about. Keeping a bundle full of trusted Wombilee Graphene and/or Biodegradable pads can bring you peace of mind. With Wombilee, you won't have to worry about vaginal health or irritation.