Lifestyle Changes for a Healthier Period

Lifestyle Changes for a Healthier Period

Cramping, bleeding for more than four days, heavy bleeding, and brown blood is not normal.

Diet, lifestyle, and the amount of stress we endure in preparation for our period, including the amount of stress we still have stored in the body and the womb, can contribute to cramps. If you are a tampon or menstrual cup user, keeping yourself plugged up and not allowing yourself to flow can cause cramps. Not eating properly can cause you to have cramps because your body is trying to digest and break down that food, and if it's a hard food to digest, such as meat, it causes the uterus to overwork. Our uterus and our gut are directly connected. If you're eating many cold foods or cold beverages when you're on your period, it can cause a lot of cramping because the body is constricting to warm that up to digest it. If you don't eat clean any other time, eat clean in preparation and while you're on your period. That includes fresh fruit, leafy green vegetables, lots of fiber, and warm nourishing foods for the body like soups and stews.

It DOES matter what period products you're using, so get your Wombilee pads because we want to get away from all the toxic chemicals that we've been using and absorbing because that also leads to cramps. All these years of using the leading store brand pads have led us to severe cramps, severe PMS, and advanced issues like fibroids, endometriosis, PCOS, and ovarian cysts.

If you're not getting your period, you can try some things to initiate your period. You can take Dong Quai capsules or Vitamin C capsules to try to initiate blood flow within the body. You can also do a tea concoction. Instructions: get ginger root, chop up one of the fingers and boil it. It will turn into a tea. Then steep some parsley and calendula or marigold with the ginger and drink it three times a day.

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