​Healthier Start for the New Year

​Healthier Start for the New Year

We're on the mission to bring the importance of a healthy, cared-for womb to the forefront while empowering women to acknowledge menstruation as a strength, understanding the honor within, "It all begins with you..."

As women, we care about our wombs, and we put that same care into caring about all wombs! From the product to the packaging, we wanted to make sure we stood out in a good way, with a great product. Of course, we can talk about our product and what it has done for us, but we want you to know what it can do for your health and lifestyle.

We recently received our first shipment, which included 400,000 pads! Our inventory is completely stocked, and we're ready for you! We don't officially launch until March 13, 2022, but our soft launch is from now until then. We are open for business online, and we're happily filling orders. So whether it's for you or a friend or family member, give the gift of better health to start the new year off right. Subscribe to our YouTube channel to see our infomercials about Wombilee's products and learn things you may not have known regarding menstruation.

Wombilee is working on making its way into a retailer near you. No matter how big or how small, where do you shop? Where would you like to see us? Reach out via our Contact page, or DM us on @Wombilee on our social medias and let us know. And if you have a store and would like to partner with us, let us know! Click on "Wholesale" within our website's menu; this page is specifically for you to get in contact with us and speak to a dedicated Wombilee team member.

We're here for you, we're listening to you, we're at your service, and we're healing wombs together!